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World Beer Awards 2016


World's Best Belgian Style Strong

World's Best Belgian Style Strong
France's Best Belgian Style Strong
Dutch Bargain
Imperial Pale Ale


"Looks slightly hazy and amber. Candy sugar, boozy and caramel aromas followed by lashings of sugar and orange in flavour. Full bodied, filling and rich."


Canada's Best Pale Barley Wine
Canada's Best Pale Barley WineMicrobrasserie Pit Caribou
Barley Wine
"Impressive head given the presumptive strength. An oddball bouquet with lots of dried fruits, figs, apricots and candied notes. Taste full of bready, caramelly malts. Pinch of pine. A low burning caramel finish."


Italy's Best Pale Barley Wine
Italy's Best Pale Barley WineMorena
Gran Riserva Lucana
"Clear as a bell and gold. Resinous notes are woody, like sherry-aged whisky. Syrupy dried fruit notes and punchy alcoholic hint. A bit of a whopper."


Portugal's Best Pale Barley Wine
Portugal's Best Pale Barley WineMaldita
"Hazy gold with thick head and sediment. Floral malt notes and a hint of punchy in the mouth. Very drinkable."

United Kingdom

United Kingdom's Best Pale Barley Wine
United Kingdom's Best Pale Barley WineHarvey's
Elizabethan Ale
United Kingdom
"Clear tawny gold. Like port. Vinous fruits (rum and raisin) on the nose. Thick and syrupy on the palate with alcoholic warmth. Not too overpowering."

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