Other beers from Waldhaus

Germany - Helles / Münchner - Bronze Medal 2016
Waldhaus Hell

Germany - Dark Wheat Beer - Gold Medal 2015
Waldhaus Schwarzwald Weisse Dunkel

World's Best Dark Lager 2014
Waldhaus Jubiläums Dunkel

World's Best Low Carb Lager 2014
Waldhaus Sommer Bier

Europe Silver 2013
Waldhaus Ohne Filter Extra Herb

World's Best Lager 2012
Waldhaus Spezial Gold

World's Best Low Carb Lager 2012
Waldhaus Classic 2.9

World's Best Seasonal Lager 2012
Waldhaus Ohne Filter


Waldhaus Diplom Pils

World's Best German-style Pale Lager 2016

“Nice colour with a most inviting nose of toasted malt and herbs. Perfectly balanced and harmonised. World Class.”

World's Best German Pilsener 2014

World's Best Lager 2009

“Straw to light golden in colour, very brightly filtrated... Perfect condition... Nice white head... Lovely fresh maltiness, crisp hops, slight sweetness followed by crisp bitterness... Very good... Grass, lemon and clove aromas... Toasted malt, dry grainy”