Other beers from St Austell

United Kingdom's Best Belgian Style Dubbel 2016
St Austell Cardinal Syn

United Kingdom's Best Black IPA 2016
St Austell Proper Black

United Kingdom's Best Belgian Style Tripel 2016
St Austell Bad Habit

United Kingdom - Stout - Gold Medal 2016
St Austell Mena Dhu

United Kingdom - Pale Ale - Silver Medal 2015
St Austell Tribute

United Kingdom - Kriek / Framboise - Bronze Medal 2015
St Austell Tamar Creek

United Kingdom - Bavarian Hefeweiss - Bronze Medal 2015
St Austell Clouded Yellow

Europe’s Best Imperial IPA 2014
St Austell Big Job


St Austell Admiral's Ale

World's Best Bitter 4% - 5% 2015

Bubblegum vies with medical astringence in the nose. Astringence wins out on the palate along with spice and toasted malt.

Europe Bronze 2014

World's Best Premium Pale Ale 2011

“Distinct juicy tangerine fruitiness over lightly toasted malts. Plums and nectarines on the nose. Tinned mandarines, rhubarb, sweet malt in mouth, bittersweet finish. Good carbonation. Dry finish. Very quaffable.”

World's Best Amber / Vienna Ale 2010