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Other beers from Rodenbach

World's Best Vintage Dark Beer 2014
Rodenbach Vintage

Europe Silver 2014
Rodenbach Caractere Rouge

Europe's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer 2013
Rodenbach Caractere Rouge

World's Best Vintage Dark Beer 2012
Rodenbach Vintage 2009

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Europe Gold 2014

“Big, sugary, vinous nose. Acetic hit that fades quickly.”

“Great aroma – raisins, pleasing tartness, sherbet, vinous. ”

World's Best Oud Bruin 2013

“Generous nose of grapefruit. Sweet, powerful, acetic aroma. Sour fruit, clean and crisp. Tart and assertive. Beautiful refreshing finish. Very true to style.”

World's Best Ale 2011

“Sour fruit nose, grapefruit, with tart fruit and smoked malt. Balsamic vinegar. Tart and tangy fruit in the mouth. Bittersweet. Sweet acidity on the finish. Wonderfully complex.”

World's Best Flavoured Dark Ale 2010