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Europe Silver 2014
Okell's IPA

Okell's Aile

United Kingdom - Smoke Flavoured Beer - Gold Medal 2016

United Kingdom - Smoked Flavoured Beer - Bronze Medal 2015

Europe's Best Smoked Flavoured Beer 2013

“Chocolate, subtly smoked malts on the nose. Dark chocolate on the palate, roasted malts and hints of smoke. Good body. Smooth, soft palate.”

Europe's Best Smoked Flavoured Beer 2012

“Smoked malts, dark chocolate and coffee grounds. Soft, smooth and delicious on the palate, good body, with a hint of iodine and hickory. Smoke lingers in the background.”

Europe's Best Flavoured Porter 2011

“Very dark brown with a crimson tint. Chocolate liqueur hint on the nose. Complex roast, dark/acid chocolate flavour, a back-bar hint of fruit. Long grainy finish with a fruity aftertaste.”

Europe's Best Flavoured Porter 2010

World's Best Smoked Beer 2008

World's Best Smoked Beer 2007