Other beers from Minoh Beer

Asia's Best Pale Ale 2014
Minoh Beer Pale Ale

World's Best Stout & Porter 2013
Minoh Beer Imperial Stout

World's Best Imperial IPA 2013
Minoh Beer W-Ipa

Minoh Beer Stout

Japan's Best Stout 2016

Japan - Stout - Bronze Medal 2015

“Shows good complexity, with aromas of roast, chocolate and nuts.”

World's Best Stout 2014

Asia's Best Dry Stout 2012

“Lots of chocolate and roasted notes on the nose, with distinct espresso coffee as well. More chocolate on the palate, bitter, and well balanced. Light roasted malts and nutty tones. Very dry, nice "toasty" finish.”

World's Best Dry Stout 2009

“Deep black with dark chocolate and freshly ground coffee to the aroma... Silky textured with sweet rounded malt opening... Slightly sweet finish with chewy, caramelised malts and burnt toffee... Rich, roasty, meaty, creamy malt with a tiny sharp edge to l”