Other beers from Hook Norton

United Kingdom's Best Rye Beer 2015
Hook Norton Red Rye

United Kingdom - Mild Ale - Gold Medal 2015
Hook Norton Mild

United Kingdom - Seasonal Pale Ale - Bronze Medal 2015
Hook Norton First Light

Europe's Best Porter 2014
Hook Norton Twelve Days

World's Best Dry Stout 2010
Hook Norton Double Stout

World's Best Harvest Ale 2008
Hook Norton Haymaker

Hook Norton Hooky

United Kingdom - Bitter up to 4% - Bronze Medal 2015

Europe's Best Bitter up to 4% 2014

Europe's Best Bitter up to 4% 2013

“Good bready, earthy aroma. Clean English hop flavour with light malts. A hint of caramel gives a good mouthfeel. Lovely bitter finish.”

Europe's Best Bitter up to 4% Pale Beer 2012

“Light, slight apple aroma and a hint of butterscotch. Light malt character, caramel and bready notes. Earthy and herbal with a gentle hoppy finish.”

Europe's Best Bitter 2010