Other beers from Harvey's

United Kingdom's Best Porter 2016
Harvey's 1859 Porter

Europe's Best Strong Porter 2013
Harvey's Prince Of Denmark

Europe Silver 2013
Harvey's Elizabethan Ale

World's Best Dark Barley Wine 2012
Harvey's Christmas Ale

Europe's Best Seasonal Pale Ale 2011
Harvey's Tom Paine

World's Best Mild Ale 2010
Harvey's Old Ale

World's Best Brown Ale 2009
Harvey's Lewes Castle Brown Ale

Harvey's Imperial Extra Double Stout

Europe's Best Imperial Stout 2015

Deep brown with an aromatic nose, blue cheese and chocolate flavours – rich and warm feel.

World's Best Imperial Stout 2014

Europe's Best Imperial Stout 2012

“Big hit of liquorice, roast grain and latte coffee. Sweet malt in the mouth and peppery hops, light and airy texture, good mouthfeel with a sweet liquorice finish.”

World's Best Stout & Porter 2011

“Powerful, vinous and malty. Hints of liquorice, bitter oranges and polished leather.

Smoothly malty and almost tarry, with a vinous sharpness throughout. Dark malt with chocolate notes forms the base, but there's an almost raspberry-like fruitiness appar”

Europe's Best Strong Stout 2010

World's Best Imperial Stout 2009