Other beers from Greene King

World's Best Low-strength Pale Beer 2012
Greene King Tolly English Ale

Europe's Best Premium Pale Ale 2010
Greene King Abbot Ale

World's Best Vintage Ale 2009
Greene King Abbot Reserve

World's Best Export Pale Ale 2008
Greene King Ipa Export Strength

World's Best Wood Aged Beer 2007
Greene King Strong Suffolk

Greene King Old Crafty Hen

World's Best Wood Aged Beer 2009

“Smooth, creamy malt, with a touch of liquorice and light fruit (hints of pear drop).

Full, smooth and malty with a moreish oaky dryness. There are hops aplenty, and hints of liquorice,
marzipan and cherry, but sweetness just has the edge.

Oaky-dry, hopp”