Other beers from Fuller's

United Kingdom - German-style Pale Lager - Bronze Medal 2016
Fuller's Frontier

Europe's Best Pale Barley Wine 2012
Fuller's Golden Pride

Europe's Best Best Bitter 2011
Fuller's Gales Hsb

World's Best Strong / Extra Special Pale Ale 2010
Fuller's Esb

World's Best Special Strong Pale Ale 2009
Fuller's 1845

World's Best World's Best Bitter 2008
Fuller's London Pride

World's Best Honey Beer 2008
Fuller's Organic Honey Dew

World's Best Standard Porter 2007
Fuller's London Porter


Fuller's Vintage Ale 2006

World's Best Vintage Pale Ale 2008

“Rich malt overlaid with a woody, liquorice-like herbal aroma.

Sweet and malty at first, countered by a resin-like hop bitterness. Cherry and almond flavours combine with a citrus orange spikiness to create a fruit cake effect.
More liquorice and herbal a”