Other beers from Full Sail

U.S.A - Fruit & Vegetable Flavoured Beer - Gold Medal 2016
Full Sail Blood Orange Wheat Ale

U.S.A - IPA - Silver Medal 2016
Full Sail Hop Pursuit IPA

U.S.A's Best Dortmunder 2015
Full Sail Session Cream Premium Summer Ale

U.S.A - Dortmunder - Silver Medal 2015
Full Sail Session Export Premium Golden Lager

U.S.A - Pale Ale - Bronze Medal 2015
Full Sail Session IPA

The Americas Best Golden Ale 2014
Full Sail IPA

The Americas Bronze 2014
Full Sail Session Black

The Americas Bronze 2014
Full Sail Cascade Pilsner


Full Sail Session Premium Lager

United States' Best Helles / Münchner 2016

“Noble hops, rounded with juicy malts. Some sulfur notes and floral hops in the aroma. Clean and crips on the palate with light hop bitterness. A lingering hop finish.”

The Americas Best Helles / Munchner 2015

The Americas Best Helles / Munchner 2014

The Americas Best Helles/Munchner Lager 2013

“Straw, flowers and grass on the aroma. Fragrant citrussy palate, good hoppy character, full bodied with some sweetness. Good sharp, lemon bitterness in the finish.”

The Americas Best Premium Lager 2010

World's Best Standard Lager 2007

“Juicy malt and hoppy aroma, with a touch of perfumed resins and hop flavour. Light coloured. Drinkable. Fresh palate with afterpalate of elderflower. Lingering bittersweet finish. Aged. Good foam. Fruity nose and a clean palate.”