Other beers from Fujizakura Heights Beer

Japan's Best Seasonal Lager 2016
Fujizakura Heights Beer Marzen

Japan's Best Dark Wheat Beer 2015
Fujizakura Heights Beer Schwarz Weizen

Japan's Best Helles / Munchner 2015
Fujizakura Heights Beer Munchen Lager

World's Best German Pale Lager 2013
Fujizakura Heights Beer Pils

World's Best Doppelbock Lager 2013
Fujizakura Heights Beer Sakura Bock

World's Best Bavarian Hefeweiss 2012
Fujizakura Heights Beer Weizen

Asia's Best Dark Wheat Beer 2011
Fujizakura Heights Beer Chocolate Wheat

Fujizakura Heights Beer Rauch

Japan's Best Smoke Flavoured Beer 2016

Japan Design Gold Medal 2016

Japan - Smoked Flavoured Beer - Silver Medal 2015

“Comfortable smoky aroma and very well-balanced.”

Best Label Design Flavoured Beer 2015

World's Best Smoked Beer 2014

Asia Silver 2013

Asia's Best Label 2013

World's Best Speciality Beer 2012

“Great smoky aroma on the nose. Slight nutty notes, raisins, smoky bacon, campfires and a touch of creosote. Roasted malts and coffee with sweet caramel, well balanced. Reminiscent of Lapsang Souchong, the smoke building up to deep oak flavours. Refreshing”

World's Best Flavoured Lager 2011

“Smoky aroma over dark malt. Smoked ham, charcoal, honey. A silky and biscuity malt with peaty notes. Tangy complex malts with a roasted taste. High carbonation. Drying finish.”

Asia's Best Speciality Lager 2010