Other beers from Eisenbahn

The Americas Bronze 2014
Eisenbahn Dunkel

World's Best Strong Wheat Beer 2013
Eisenbahn Weizenbock

The Americas Best Flavoured Lager 2011
Eisenbahn Rauchbier

The Americas Best Premium Pale Ale 2011
Eisenbahn Pale Ale

The Americas Best Grain-only Wheat Beer 2011
Eisenbahn Weizenbier

World's Best Kolsch 2008
Eisenbahn Kölsch

Eisenbahn 5 Anos

The Americas Silver 2014

The Americas Silver 2013

World's Best Vienna 2008

“Pleasant citrus sharpness (bitter oranges) to the fore, with a firm nutty, toffeeish malt backdrop. Spicy, too.

Crisply bitter, despite having plenty of nutty, lightly toffeeish malt. Soft orange-citrus notes and a welcome tang of hops provide the edge.