Other beers from Deschutes

U.S.A's Best Herb & Spice Flavoured Beer 2015
Deschutes Zarabanda

U.S.A's Best Strong Wheat Beer 2015
Deschutes Dopple Dinkle Bock

U.S.A - Amber Pale Ale - Bronze Medal 2015
Deschutes Cinder Cone Red

U.S.A - Strong Wheat Beer - Gold Medal 2015
Deschutes Chainbreaker WIPA

World's Best Strong Dark Ale 2014
Deschutes Not The Stoic

The Americas Bronze 2014
Deschutes Class Of '88

The Americas Gold 2014
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

World's Best Bitter up to 4% 2013
Deschutes River Ale


Deschutes The Dissident

Best Label Design Dark Beer 2015

U.S.A - Oud Bruin - Bronze Medal 2015

The Americas Best Label 2014

“The 2013 World's Best Label winner and still high on the judges radar as a classy label. Popular because of it's simplicity in design, two colour printing, and the use of a colour stock to add another warm colour to the mix. Alfred Hitchcock's film The Birds is never far from mind when looking at this lovely label.”

The Americas Best Oud Bruin 2014

“Copper colour. Sour fruit/candided fruit nose. Taste is fruity, bitter, mealy. Bright with bubble feel. Sour finish.”

“Bright copper orange colour, no head retention. Sour malt notes, definite lacto sour presence, slight white pepper, bright and spicy. Sour and tangy, has a mouth watering salinity to it - still sweet and malty - hints of toasted vanilla - really savoury - almost meat-like qualities - rendered bacon or homemade sausages. Finishes tangy with orange and pepper - sweet tangy style - nice bitterness.”

World's Best Label 2013

The Americas Best Oud Bruin 2013

“Peppery, slightly bretty nose. Rich, fruity and vineous. Stewed fruit, currants. Full bodied, sweet but sour. Well balanced, good warming finish.”

World's Best Oud Bruin 2012

“Slight sourness, vineous and fruity. Fresh acidic flavours. Lots of pitted fruit, raisins and sherried oak. Sweet and sour balances well. Lots of aromatic bitterness and a little warmth in the finish.”

The Americas Best Old / Vintage / Oud Bruin 2010

World's Best Oud Bruin Ale 2009