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World's Best Lager 2013
Sharp's Cornish Pilsner

Europe's Best Experimental Flavoured Beer 2013
Sharp's Spiced Red

Silver Europe 2013
Sharp's Quadrupel Ale

Europe's Best Flavoured Pale Ale 2011
Sharp's Chalky's Bite

Europe's Best Bitter 2011
Sharp's Special

Sharp's Chalky's Bite

World's Best Flavoured Pale Ale 2011

Elderflower, dry slightly sharp but fresh. More elderflower; sweet and flowery, vanilla. Apples and pears with citrus coming through. Mildy herbal, with a sweet bitterness. Peppery and spicy. Well balanced.

World's Best Flavoured Pale Ale 2010

Bitter orange peel and grapefruit, with a spicy bite and a hint of aniseed.

Sticky sweet malt is offset by a clean, bitter, rapidly drying, zesty hop note and a light aniseed spiciness. Gently warming.

Dry, bitter, sticky finish with orange peel, gentle aniseed and gum-tingling warmth.

A very effective, carefully created, Belgian-style ale that includes a subtle dose of wild fennel seeds. Produced in conjunction with seafood chef Rick Stein, whose Jack Russell terrier lends its name to the beer.

World's Best Spiced Beer 2009

World's Best Herb / Spice Beer 2008