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Asia's Best Honey Flavoured Beer 2013
Redoak Honey Ale

Asia's Best Wood Aged Flavoured Beer 2013
Redoak Special Reserve

Asia's Best Strong Porter 2013
Redoak Baltic Porter

Asia's Best Strong Wheat Beer 2013
Redoak Weizen Dopple Bock

Asia's Best Strong Dark 2013
Redoak Wee Heavy

Asia's Best Bitter up to 5% 2013
Redoak Old Ale

Asia's Best Lambic 2013
Redoak Blackberry Wheat Beer

Asia Silver 2013
Redoak Berlinerweiss

Asia's Best Bitter 2011
Redoak Bitter

Asia's Best IPA 2010
Redoak IPA

Asia's Best Flavoured Lager 2010
Redoak Rauch

Asia's Best Flavoured Pale Ale 2010
Redoak Aussie Ale

Redoak Bitter

Asia's Best Bitter 2011

Pineapple aromas, citrusy hops on the nose. Full bodied, rich and malty. Earthy flavour with spices coming through. Very rich with bitterness coming through.

World's Best Bitter 2010

World's Best Bitter 2009