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Europe's Best Strong Porter 2013
Harvey's Prince of Denmark

Europe's Best Dark Barley Wine 2013
Harvey's Christmas Ale

Europe's Best Mild 2013
Harvey's Old Ale

Europe Silver 2013
Harvey's Elizabethan Ale

Europe's Best Imperial Stout 2012
Harvey's Imperial Extra Double Stout

Europe's Best Seasonal Pale Ale 2011
Harvey's Tom Paine

World's Best Brown Ale 2009
Harvey's Lewes Castle Brown Ale

Harvey's Old Ale

Europe's Best Mild 2013

Earthy aroma. Nice creamy bitterness with toasted malts. Good flavour profile for the strength. Dry, grainy finish. Elegant and well made.

World's Best Mild Ale 2010

World's Best Mild Ale 2009

Rich, complex dark fruit and malt, touch of citrussy hops... Very elegant... Excellent balance... An excellent low-strength dark ale... Toasty and somewhat toffeeish nose, hints of freshly cut fir wood... Mild bitterness, hints of liquorice... Remarkably tasty for the strength... Bitter toffee flavours... Metal, grass and caramel aromas... Bitter finish with resin, dates, chicory and pepper... Lovely silky body...

World's Best Mild Ale 2008