Other beers from Bamberg

Brazil - Smoke Flavoured Beer - Gold Medal 2016
Bamberg ExQuadrilha da Fumaça

Brazil - Czech-style Pale Lager - Bronze Medal 2016
Bamberg Camila Camila

Brazil - Dark Barley Wine - Silver Medal 2015
Bamberg CaoS

The Americas Best German Pilsener 2014
Bamberg O Calibre

The Americas Gold 2014
Bamberg Maibaum

World's Best Altbier 2013
Bamberg Altbier

World's Best Dark Lager 2012
Bamberg Schwarzbier

Bamberg Rauchbier

The Americas Best Smoked Flavoured Beer 2015

The Americas Silver 2014

The Americas Best Smoked Flavoured Beer 2013

“Aromas of distant wood smoke. Old leather, slightly peppery, light bodied, with a smoked bitterness.”

World's Best Flavoured Lager 2010