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Amber Swan Ale

Japan's Best Amber Pale Ale 2016

Japan - Amber Pale Ale - Gold Medal 2015

“Good. Grassy. Strong aroma of hops.”

Asia Silver 2014

“Good aroma, of both hops and malt.”

World's Best Amber 2013

“Lovely floral aroma with lemon, violets and peach on the nose. Strong bitterness, with a good dry finish, refreshing and very drinkable.”

Asia's Best Pale Ale 2012

“Bread and bubblegum on the nose, very hoppy aroma, very fruity and citrusy, with a light malt character. Caramel, some fruit, tons of hops.”

Asia's Best Amber / Vienna Ale 2010

World's Best Amber Ale 2009

“Reddish amber in colour and slightly hazy... the nose pulsates with a hum of hops... Slightly creamy but in the midst a massive blast of ripe citrus hoppiness, a backbone of stern grainy malt upon which the fruit is balanced... Everything in perfect harmo”