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What Are The World Beer Awards?

The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognised beer styles. This annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the 'World's Best Beers' to consumers and the trade throughout the world. Beers must be generally available and for sale in bottles or cans.

Who Should Enter The World Beer Awards?

Brewers, agents, importers, wholesalers and retailers for any beer or brewery anywhere in the world.

What Are The Categories And Styles?

The eight categories are based upon the common beer groupings and within each category we have grouped the beers by 'style', rather than origin. Some styles are, by definition, regional or national. There is a detailed structure of the Awards on page 2 which explains how a beer progresses through the different heats. All you need do is choose the style you wish to enter. For a detailed definition of each style please click here

Enter your beers

Entry for 2016 is now closed

The Winners

Click here to see all the winners from 2007 to 2015.

Entry Fees 2016

1 entry = £150 each
2 entries = £145 each
3 entries = £140 each
4 entries = £135 each
5 entries = £130 each
6 + entries = £125 each

1 entry = €185 each
2 entries = €180 each
3 entries = €175 each
4 entries = €170 each
5 entries = €165 each
6 + entries = €150 each

US Dollar
1 entry = $225 each
2 entries = $215 each
3 entries = $205 each
4 entries = $195 each
5 entries = $185 each
6 + entries = $175 each

Canadian Dollars
1 entry = $275 each
2 entries = $265 each
3 entries = $255 each
4 entries = $245 each
5 entries = $235 each
6 + entries = $225 each

Rules of entry

  • Each beer must be commercially available from 1st April 2016.
  • The World Beer Awards reserves the right to place beers in the correct style.
  • Should insufficient entries be received in to a particular style, the World Beer Awards reserves the right to place that entry in to the next most relevant style.
  • Entries must be made using and must be submitted by 3rd June 2016. Entries received after the 3rd June 2016 will not be considered. All entries should include the following information:
  • a. beer name.
  • b. name of the brewery from which the beer originates.
  • c. alcoholic content (ABV).
  • d. Category and Style.
  • Each entry must consist of 12 bottles or cans.

Terms & Conditions

  • All entry forms and products must be sent by prepaid post and be received by the closing date listed.
  • Entries are only accepted on a completed entry form with the appropriate entry fee.
  • Any entry form which arrives incomplete, late or illegible and any product which is late or damaged may be deemed invalid.
  • If an entry is withdrawn by the due date or disqualified, the entry fee will be returned subject to an administration charge of 50% of the entry fee. Products will be retained by the Organiser.
  • Entrants are responsible for any customs or other costs incurred on shipping their entry to the delivery address. Should the Organiser incur any costs from excise duties or any other costs these shall be reimbursed in full by the entrant.
  • The judges’ decision on all matters is final.
  • The Organisers may, at their discretion, refuse to accept an entry.
  • The Organisers may alter the closing date for the awards, place an entry in the most appropriate style, rule that an entry may not compete or is ineligible to compete, or alter the date, time or place on or at which the awards are scheduled to take place.
  • The Chairman of Judges has the power to disqualify any entry not deemed as meeting the entry criteria.
  • These rules are governed by the laws of the UK.

Key Dates

Entry deadline
27 May 2016

Samples need to be received by
USA - 10 June, Canada - 13 June, Rest of World - 20 June

Rounds 1 & 2
June 2016

Country Winners - Round 3
July 2016

Final Judging
August 2016

Winners Announced
23 September 2016